Artist Statement


“If ever I can’t see the magic around me, please take my hands off my eyes.” -Cloud Cult

My inspiration awakens at the waters edge, where my soul is held in magic and wonder. The kind of magic that lives in the lines and textures of driftwood, in the touch of a smooth stone, whispering a thousand stories of deep connection. It is here where I begin seeking and collecting natural materials that are the foundation of my sculptural work.

I use driftwood from the shores of Lake Superior combined with beautiful stone and delicate touches of turquoise, porcupine quills and painted detail. I’m drawn to the energy that lives in the wildness of driftwood and the unexpected beauty of each texture and shape. I follow the movement of the shapes and find the possibility in the imperfections as forms begin to emerge and take new shape.

My heart opens to the creative journey as each step weaves a new rhythm for the next. A journey filled with passion, revealing the magic and wonder held in the natural beauty of each piece and honoring the stories patiently waiting to be shared.