Growing up on a lake in northern Minnesota, I have sacred memories of spending my days at the waters edge, falling in love with the wild and gentle beauty of our natural world. The beauty that lives in the tiniest patterns of a snail’s shell or in the touch of a smooth stone – whispering a thousand stories of magic and wonder. The kind of magic that awakens your heart. It is here where I found a passion for creating with natural materials and a deep connection to my creative soul within.

This connection continues to weave throughout my life as an artist and art educator living in beautiful Northfield, Minnesota. I collect driftwood from the shores of Lake Superior and follow the movement of the natural shapes and textures as new forms begin to emerge. This is the foundation of my sculptural work. As an art educator, I have a passion for honoring and nurturing the creative journey. Teaching art in the Northfield community for the past 20 years has been a true gift. This journey continues at Untethered Heart Studio in the heart of downtown Northfield.